Tuesday, 13 September 2011

So, I finally reach out to my friend, and she bails on me. Her car has broken down, which is not the first time, and not the first time it's let me down.

It's obviously not her fault and she didn't do it on purpose. In terms of 'schemer activation', this should put me into a complete tailspin. I should be furious and crying and feeling like I've been abandoned in the desert or something. That's what's happened before in this sort of situation, it's what happened last time her car breaking down left me stranded.

Given my reaction to the malfunctioning DVD player yesterday, that's what I would have expected. I don't though. I'm mildly annoyed, but I don't feel that overwhelming sense of 'let down' that I normally get.

If the DVD thing hadn't happened yesterday, I would have thought it was because I wasn't really invested in the visit, that I didn't really think it would happen or something - anything that undermined the importance of the ocassion. But if I can flip out over something as stupid and minor as an electronic failure, clearly the importance of the situation is irrelevant.

All of which means that my reaction - or lack thereof - to this 'activator' is a good sign.

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