Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Made it to the car dealership and back again, getting Ozzy serviced and through his first ever MOT.

The trip to drop him off was fine first thing this morning; quick drive, 10-15 min walk back. Although the pain didn't kick off particularly during the day, by the time they called to say he was ready, I was asleep, exhausted. All I'd done in the interim was put the washing on and then out. I'd taken one double dose slow release (as soon as I got back), and that was it.

I knew when they called that I was too tired to walk back there, but I had to. I made it, then there was a long wait (who knows why) and now I'm not only twice as exhausted, I'm also in pain. I'd had to delay the latest slow release pill so I'd be OK to drive there - that worked, but it's also probably why the pain has kicked off again.

I pleased I managed the whole thing, but I'm worried. I have to drive to the shrink on Thursday, and two driving things (even just a 5minute one) is more than I can cope with. It's because it enatils such planning to work the pills round driving, and so much stress and worry about pain levels versus stoned-ability-to-drive-ness. And I can only face that once in a week. But this time I have to do it twice. On top of a friend visiting tomorrow who I haven't seen in ages and who I'm a bit nervous of seeing.

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