Sunday, 14 August 2011

Swimming nightmare

I'd asked my sister to come with me to the local spa club yesterday, because I thought the steam might help. I've also been thinking for a while that I wanted to try swimming again, but it seemed potentially dangerous to do that on my own; I needed someone there the first time, just in case.

We've never been there before, but it was quite nice. We started off in the mineral pool. I had my bouyancy jacket and we were just gently skulling up and down on our backs.

We'd been in there less than 15 minutes when I started getting numbness in my left arm and a shooting pain in my lower back. Within minutes it was so bad I was gasping for breath, I couldn't let myself float in the water and I couldn't stand up because I couldn't straighten my left leg.

I got my sister to try acupressure on my back, and I leaned on the side for about half an hour. Then I sort of hopped through the water to the steps: I still couldn't use my leg.

I couldn't get out of the pool by myself, so my sister had to manhandle me out of the water. It was really difficult, because I couldn't use either my left arm or leg, and I was in excruciating pain. A couple of times I fell back into the water, face-down, and would have drowned if she hadn't been there to fish me out: I couldn't even roll over.

Half an hour in the hot tub eased the spasming back muscle enough for me to stand up and walk to the steam room. I hadn't been in there long before I could feel it twinging again, though, so I had to get out.

We sat cooling for ages, then My sister suggested just floating in the pool, not swimming: three steps into the water, that muscle was heading for full spasm again, and I had to give up. It was just ss hsrd getting out.

On top of all this, I felt hideously stoned for the rest of the afternoon. It felt like my sister was trying to be Schumaker driving home, but I know she wasn't, it was just my skewed perception of things.

I can only imagine it was the minerals in the pool that caused the latter, and maybe the pain too. It means I was right not to try swimming on my own, and it leaves me too terrified to try it again. Which also contributed to my tearful evening (previous post).

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